Skill games graphicThe term 'skill game' refers to a wide variety of games, including traditional board and card games, word games, puzzle games, and other unique types of games that can only be played online. Skill games allow you to pit your skills against other players in head-to-head matches and multi-player tournaments, with the winners being awarded cash and prizes. In general, skill game sites charge an entry fee to play a particular game against one or more opponents, with the winner awarded a percentage of all player's entry fees.

Skill games are games like the following:

  • Board games: Predominantly backgammon
  • Card games: Rummy, gin, spades, solitaire
  • Word, puzzle, sports, and arcade games

If you'd like minimize the role that luck plays in determining if you win or lose at online gaming, then skill games are just the thing for you.

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