The object of bingo is to match called numbers to the numbers on your card in the pattern for that game. The pattern can be a straight line, a shape, a cover-all, or any number of other patterns.

After you purchase your cards and select your seat, the game begins and you watch as your numbers come up and are marked on the cards. (In real life, you need to daub the numbers manually, but this is usually done automatically for you when playing bingo online). As you get closer and closer to a BINGO, your cards will usually change colors to let you know that you are close to a BINGO. The first person to match the pattern for that game wins the game; if more than one person calls BINGO at the same time, then any prizes are split equally among them.

You can sometimes win a bonus if you get a BINGO within the first few numbers that are called.

Tip: When playing bingo online, keep an eye out for "chat games" in which the game moderator will announce a way to get special bonuses and prizes!

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